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After joining the European Union, the Polish economy has raised new possibilities for fast and dynamic socio-economic development. An important factor in the rapid development of entrepreneurship and the competitiveness of the companies and regions have become EU funds.

These measures are allocated for both private, state and social institutions, financing projects of training, cultural or advisory capacity, as well as the infrastructual and innovational.

To meet your expectations, the purpose of my business is to provide support and advice in the field of EU funds since the creation of design guidelines for the conclusion of the grant and comprehensive accounting of the project. A wide range of my services in this area will allow you to engage me to those tasks that will be most suited to your needs:

Financing analysis

Comprehensive verification of national and international grant programs in order to identify the best solutions for the financial support of your investment.  

Advice on EU funds

  • Advice on selecting the best possible sources of funding comprehensive support in creating application .


Preparing the grant application

The preparation of a detailed business plan for the project and the preparation of all documents necessary to apply for the investment grant.

Project oversight

Keeping in touch with the Managing Authority, the current analysis and verification of documents, creating presentations, preparing reports.

Project execution reports

Preparation of control reports for you or the Managing Authority on the achievement of planned indicators or financial performance.

Courses and training for employees

Courses and training on project management, preparation of feasibility studies, financial analyzes, and raising funds from public sources